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About Us


Paper Co. is passionate about exceptional food and coffee.


Everything is made with fresh ingredients in-house and we take great pride in what we do in the kitchen, behind the counter and on the floor. We work directly with farmers across the globe, paying them generously, to provide fine coffees and we roast everything in-house. 


Coffee is family.

Our in-house coffee roaster, Mueva Coffee, is more than just passionate about coffee; coffee is family.

Meet the Farmer

"We are the Chavarrias - generational coffee farmers who have known coffee not as a beverage, but as a craft. We have always dreamed of selling our coffee direct. We never imagined we would grow, ship and roast our own coffee, selling it to our friends and family. You are taking part in a dream come true for us. We feel truly blessed to share our journey and to bring you into our story."


More than just food and drinks – all profits go towards providing for the Houston homeless community.

Please consider donating toward our common meal.


Every day we offer a healthy meal, on a sliding scale, so that nobody has to go hungry. If you can, we ask that you pay the suggested price (or more) so that one of our homeless neighbors can have a good meal.