Paper Co. is passionate about exceptional food and coffee. Everything is made with fresh ingredients in-house and we take great pride in what we do in the kitchen, behind the counter and on the floor. We work directly with farmers across the globe, paying them generously, to provide fine coffees and we roast everything in-house. 

At Paper Co, the table is for all. We believe that it’s possible for a space to exist that transcends all that typically divides humanity and we make it our mission to create that space. We work hard to make Paper Co. a refuge, a place to belong - no matter your story. In a world that’s moving a million miles a minute, we strive to make Paper Co. a place where time moves slower and is more intentional. It’s a place to foster deep relationships and make new ones. Hospitality isn’t an industry to us, it’s a way of life and a gift that we plan on giving to every guest who walks through our door.

All Paper Co. profits go toward creating space for homeless brothers and sisters to share good food and life with people who love them. We offer a daily Common Meal where you can contribute what you can or pay more than the suggested donation to help feed a brother or sister.